March 23, 2017

Three weeks in and we've accomplished an amazing amount of work at "Tangledweed". Missed four days of work because of a late winter snow storm but Rick continues to crack the whip, moving the process along quickly. Here's what we've accomplished:

1. Front porch dis...

March 15, 2017

Wouldn't you expect to be sagging a bit at age 130? Maybe you're even younger than 130 and starting to sag? Well, for you there might not be an easy fix but for the summer kitchen at the Palmer/Loveless Farm there are jacks and staging to fix that slump. Rick Houldswor...

March 14, 2017

Below is a link to the hand written history of the Palmer family and another link to pictures from the Palmer family days of ownership. Written by Mabel J. Palmer on the occasion of transferring ownership of the farm to the Loveless family in 1957. The house is now nea...

March 14, 2017

You know the old joke that "A boat is a hole in the ocean that you pour money into"? Well here is a hole in the ground with the same M.O. The old bulkhead rotted away and the basement is quite damp. You'd be damp too if you had a river running through you. Jimmy & Digg...

March 14, 2017

 Big orange mixer arrives on March 9 to pour footings for porch support posts. "Digger" (looking stylish in the tan overalls) and Jimmy Leahey prepare to direct the concrete into the holes Jimmy dug earlier.

 Jimmy corrects the shoot.

 Digger and Jimmy direct the fl...

March 14, 2017

Day one! Signed the papers at noon on March 1, 2017 and headed right to the house to begin swinging hammers. Expert carpenter, Rick Houldsworth, was waiting at the house, anxious to get to work. First order of business was securing this porch, which has a bit of a slan...

March 13, 2017

This is an attempt to track the absurd story of two middle aged empty-nesters as they try to resurrect an 1888 Victorian Farmhouse. Come join us in our journey as we meet the good people of Stockbridge, Massachusetts and surrounding towns. Celebrate with us the small v...

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