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Now Screening in Stockbridge

Well that was a long hiatus from the old Tangledweed blog. How long, you ask? So long that I forgot how to make an entry, resulting in repeated pounding on the keyboard in ape-like frustration. But here we go.

One day Missy was looking at the old screens for the house and was quite dissatisfied with what she saw. Holes large enough for two moths to enter, flying abreast. Odd, cryptic paint splatters from long ago painters. But overall sturdy, well built old frames.

Next day there was a huge pile of old screening and 25 empty frames. After much priming & painting Missy presented me with a pile of pretty picture frames and wished me luck. Being the resourceful person that I am, I stopped the first hay wagon passing the farm and enlisted the Amish fellow pictured to screen the frames using that most traditional of hand tools: the power staple gun.

25 empty frames & three rolls of copper screen
25 empty frames and lots of copper screening...

Note the new supervisor in the truck window. Gibbs, the Norwegian Buhund tries to fill Buoy the Buhund's paw prints.

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